Shake-O Blaize BIO

Shake-O Blaize developed a hustle that merged into a lifestyle. He brought his own talent to the world of Hip Hop. He began his career at the ripe age of 19. His flow is his own. He started N. A. ROCS to keep real music created by real people in the hands of real musicians and in the hearts of real music lovers. No One Around Rocs Like Us is not only a statement it’s a brand that has been carved into the history books of Hip Hop Heads and music lovers around the world. Shake-O Blaize has broke ground selling records hand to hand, in stores and online to everyday music lovers as well as his piers in the music industry including music executives. He showed others how to develop their hustle and how to perfect their skill selling records to the public. Shake-O Blaize is inspired by the grind. With a CD in his hand and a swift tongue he has proven to be the best at doing what he does as a perfected MC. There has never been nor will there ever be another like him.
Shake-O Blaize will forever be know as the ultimate self promoter. He came into the music industry with a grassroots approach humbled by the spotlight. He was given an inch and he took a mile. He watched his friends and family like O.C. Digga and The Bootie Lickaz, Percee P, Sensational from the Jungle brothers and The Notorious B. I. G. all start from the bottom and climb their way to success. He knew that if those artist who came from the same place that he did made it he can do the same.
Shake-O Blaize wants to be inspiration to others. He has created a BLOG to help up and coming artist develop a way to hustle and create capital so they too can have a successful career.